The Archaeological Adventures of I.V. Jones

The archaeological adventures of i.v. Jones, the new novel by Heidi Roberts, is the fictional retelling of an important time in the U.S. archaeology through the eyes of a twenty -one-year-old archaeologist named I.V. Jones.  Ivy, as her friends call her, is witness to and participant in the complicated world of Utah archaeology in the 1970s, a period out of which came field-changing cultural resources management.  This entertaining book also presents a woman's perspective on the demanding decisions involved in an archaeologist's life.  The archaeological adventures of I.v. Jones takes the reader into Ivy's unique and memorable world, providing a true-to-life account of a "dig bum," and aspiring archaeologist, and a woman trying to balance her professional and family life.

Heidi Roberts has been a professional archaeologist since 1978 and is the founder and president of HRA Inc. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Table of Contents:


1. The Dark Lord
2. Digging at Last
3. Field Notes and Burned Baskets
4. Road Trip
5. Pithouses and Burials
6. Four Corners
7. Things Are Not What They Seem
8. Perfect Penny Takes a Stand
9. Last Chance Creek in Mussentouchit Flats
10. A Silence Too Deep
11. Fifty-Two and Counting
12. Gasoline in Paradise Valley
13. A Feeling of Place
14. Are We Having Fun Yet?
15. Wind and Gnats in the Moss Backs
16. From the Frying Pan into the Fire
17. Computers and Archaeology
18. The SAA Meetings
19. Clovis Points and Cowboys
20. The Habiliment Chart
21. Trapped in the Rooster Pen
22. Sheepherders and Antelope Traps
23. Delta Dawn
24. The Big Easy
25. Moving On