Symbiotic Antagonisms

Competing Nationalisms in Turkey

Today, nationalism and nationalist sentiments are becoming more and more pronounced, creating a global emergence of ethno-nationalist and religious fundamentalist identity conflicts. In the post-9/11 era of international terrorism, it is appropriate to suggest that nationalism will retain its central place in politics and local and world affairs for the foreseeable future. It is in this vein that there has been a recent upsurge of interest concerning the power of nationalist tendencies as one of the dominant ideologies of modern times.

Symbiotic Antagonisms looks at the state-centric mode of modernization in Turkey that has constituted the very foundation on which nationalism has acquired its ideological status and transformative power. The book documents a symposium held at Sabanci University, presenting nationalism as a multidimensional, multiactor-based phenomenon that functions as an ideology, a discourse, and a political strategy. Turkish, Kurdish, and Islamic nationalisms are systematically compared in this timely and significant work.

Ayse Kadioglu is a professor of political science at Sabanci University in Istanbul, Turkey.
E. Fuat Keyman is a professor of international relations at Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Understanding Nationalism through
Family Resemblances ~ Ayse Kadioglu and E. Fuat Keyman

Part I. Turkish Nationalism: Continuity and Change
1. Turkish Nationalism: From a System of Classification 
to a System of Solidarity ~ Serif Mardin
2. Nationalism in Turkey: Modernity, State, and Identity ~ E. Fuat Keyman
3. The Twin Motives of Turkish Nationalism ~ Ayse Kadioglu
4. Nationalist Discourses in Turkey ~ Tanil Bora
5. The Changing Nature of Nationalism in Turkey: Actors,
Discourses, and the Struggle for Hegemony ~ Umut Özkirimli

Part II. Conservative Manifestations of Turkish Nationalism
6. The Genealogy of Turkish Nationalism: From Civic and Ethnic
to Conservative Nationalism in Turkey ~ Umut Uzer
7. On the Question of Islam and Nationalism in Turkey:
Sources and Discourses ~ Berrin Koyuncu-Lorasdagi
8. Turkish Nationalism and Sunni Islam
in the Construction of Political Party Identities ~ Simten Cosar

Part III. Kurdish Nationalism
9. Does Kurdish Nationalism Have a Navel? ~ Hakan Özoglu
10. Banditry to Disloyalty: Turkish Nationalisms
and the Kurdish Question ~ Mesut Yegen
11. Toward a Nonstandard Story: The Kurdish Question
and the Headscarf, Nationalism, and Iraq ~ Murat Somer
12. Reframing the Nationalist Perspective: Kurdish Civil
Society Activism in Europe ~ Vera Eccarius Kelly
Conclusion ~ Ayse Kadioglu and E. Fuat Keyman

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