Archaeological Surveys and Limited Excavations, Clear Creek Canyon, Central Utah

This volume covers the various surveys (with the exception of rock art surveys), both systematic and reconnaissance, in Clear Creek Canyon, Utah, in advance of the construction of I-70. The volume also includes the results of excavations at several sheltered sites and two granaries. The bulk of the material dates to the Fremont era, although Sheep Shelter also contained Archaic occupations.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction and Background
2. Environmental and Cultural Overview
3. Design for Research in Clear Creek Canyon
4. Overview of Clear Creek Surveys and Small Site Tests
5. Sheep Shelter: Site 42SV1690
6. Cave of 100 Hands and Erosion Shelter Cave of 100 Hands
7. North Cedars Cave: Site 42SV1518
8. Trail Mountain Shelter
9. Radford Cave
10. No Name Shelter
11. Coyote Granary
12. Falling Man Granary
13. Workshop Knoll
14. Surveys and Small Sites: Summary and Conclusions

A. Non-Rock Art Sites
B. Judgmental Survey Quadrat Maps
C. Obsidian Sourcing Data for Survey and Small Site Excavations
D. Ceramic Attribute Data: Brown Ware—North Cedars Cave